"Cracking The Code" with Parag Shah & the Walton County Bar Association

"Interactive and interesting. I did not fall asleep during the presentation."

"Very informative, useful information, good speaker."

"Energy of Parag, topics, useful information."

"It was very intimate. Everything was nicely prepared. Recommending it to my fellow lawyers."

"Practical. Informative. Interesting. Engaging."

"Very informative, entertaining and well put together."

"Parag is an excellent communicator. The topics were applicable to my practice area and he gave me practical tips that I can utilize right away."

"Thank you for making the professionalism hour actually entertaining!!!"

"I liked the practical and skills based knowledge as well as the engaging techniques."

"Really enjoyed the speaker's presentation and enthusiasm. The time he put into making the presentation both informative and entertaining (and, therefore, memorable) was much appreciated!"

"It was the first seminar where I didn't play on my phone or get bored. Wish all seminars were like this."

"Excellent and highly detailed materials were an added plus."

"Keep up the awesome seminars. I plan to return."

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"Cracking The Code" with Parag Shah & Allstate Insurance Company

"It was practical information."

"Parag was extremely engaging as a speaker and presented the materials from a practical standpoint."

"The speaker tried to keep it lively, which I appreciated. I also liked the tips for taking depos. That was really helpful."

"Very informative."

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